Monday, November 2, 2009

Our boy Abraham

The time spent with Abraham has been a special learning experience for many reasons:

~ His owner is a great friend and brother
~ Every animal is different, unique, special in their own way
~ Animals adapt to new surroundings
~ When given the chance, even shy animals can pleasantly surprise us
~ "Old dogs can learn new tricks"
~ Patience waiting for a kitty hug has big rewards

On 10/27/09

Abe was batting at Buttons as he walked playfully behind him!
He was pawing around under a pillow looking for Cowboy.
Yea, our little grumpy sweet boy, kitty lover Cowboy!

Hahaha ~ they will be playing soon :))

Today, 11/2/09 Abe jumped up on the couch with Buttons. Yay!
It has been nice to see him take the initiative.

Progress...sweet progress...
He is part of the family now; he just isn't that into hugs;))
We'll keep workin' on that one...

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