Saturday, March 6, 2010

Life Lessons

"Be cautious as a cat guarding your heart; when trust grows, love and live like a dog, unconditional and in the moment." 

This quote came about from thinking about how animals behave, and the important wonderful life lessons that they have taught me throughout my life.
Once trust is established, they love unconditionally, trust completely, live life fully and in the present, exhibit enthusiasm. 

" This is better than catnip!"
This is better than cat nip
They bounce back, heal quickly, learn new things at any age, defy negative circumstances, aim to please, enjoy having a job to do, take time out to play and rest as needed.
They are true to themselves, truthful with others, normally a good judge of character, test the limits, function best with rules, boundaries, and consistency.
They are normally aware of how others are feeling.
They don't necessarily like someone just because that person likes them (or vice versa).
They can be either cautious or overly rambunctious with strangers. They show a willingness to accept help, change behavior, forgive, and give us multiple chances for change. 
These are off-the-top-of-my-head brainstorming observations that I have made in my interactions with animals as they relate to humans, their world, and each other.
Animals look to us to lead or they attempt to take charge, which can cause chaos, physical and emotional issues, and bad behavior. If we are paying attention and open to learning how animals communicate, we will see warning signs prior to issues.
I believe there are positive ways to establish control and harmony in our relationships with animals, and that none are beyond hope. 

How about you?
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