Saturday, October 17, 2009

He is playing

Yes, Abraham is becoming a little socialite.

He walks around the house, now when the other boys are out and about. Yes, even Cowboy. Cowboy no longer seems to think of him as a toy to chase.
Hahaha ~ Progress is sweet...

It is so cute to see Abe bat at the mouse on a string; he really gets his body into it.
When I get the photos on my computer, I will show you.
I am hoping to get it on video as well.
I need to talk to my Producer about that!

OOH, I can't believe that I didn't tell you yet!

While Abe was playing with the little pink and orange mouse, Buttons came over and stretched out to watch. He was not interested at all, or at least that is what he wanted us to think. He would casually look away as to not show any interest in the game, and when I swung the toy out near him, he would close his eyes.

So much personality! They are so much fun.

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