Monday, October 5, 2009

In training

Our boys have recently taken to learning each others habits.
Buddy licks us when he wants attention and Cowboy nudges his nose under my arm to get a hug.

Buddy kisses and Cowboy hugs...opposite of how it used to be.
Oh Cowboy still gives kisses and pretends that he doesn't like cats.

Umm, by the way, we are socializing Abraham, our good friend Robert's kitty, and he is doing great.
I think he has helped socialize our boys as well.
They make progress daily.

Abe started out hiding wherever he could. Then he began using Buddy's kennel in the bathroom so he would have a safe place to hide if he wanted to, and be out and about when he wanted to roam.
He hung out in the hall for a few days, walking around, coming out to say "hi" when he felt like it.

He found an excellent hiding place on my birthday, hid out all day.
I had cracked a window to let some fresh air in and hoped and prayed that he hadn't somehow got outside.
Frank looked around and under everything and could not find him even when using a flashlight.
We still don't know where the little stinker was hiding. We were just so thankful to see him at 0' dark thirty!

Buttons and Abe actually laid on the futon together today and shhh... did Cowboy!
He hasn't barked at the kitty for a couple, maybe three days now!

He is a sensitive little guy, knowing when we need loves. He loves to talk and when he does not have his little growl going, we know something is wrong. He is our verbal boy and we love it.
Gotta get audio posted on this so you'll know what I mean.

Toe to toe, under the blanket, over under, whatever makes them think they are not interested in each other, still laying together. They sneak up on the couch, smell and look around cautiously. A dog will lay down unaware that
a kitty is just steps away and vice versa.
It is so fun to watch them learn, grow, play. I am so proud of them.
They are each so different, so precious, we just adore them.

Buddy is the caregiver of the other animals now.
He will go to the water bowl if someone needs more water, the door if one of the others needs to go outside.
If we do not listen, he barks making sure that he gets our attention.
When we open the door and he just looks at us, we know he is speaking for someone else. sweet.

Buddy loves the kitties. Buttons has figured out that it is a good thing when Buddy bites his ears; Abe isn't at that point yet, but he will get close to Buddy, once even allowing him to kiss him. Yay!

I think everyone has been nose-to-nose without having a tizzy now. It is so cool to see.

I'll keep you posted and add more photos soon. Abe's are still on the camera!


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